Keith Haring Inspired Drawings

Teacher: Leigh Kermizian

Title: Keith Haring Marker Drawings

Grade Level: 9th-10th

Brief History: Keith Haring was an American artist and social activist. He grew up in Kutztown, Pennsylvania. He responded to the street culture of New York City during the 1980’s. His public art in the New York City subways was the first art works of his to be recognized. In the 1980’s he became friends with Madonna and other artists such as Jean-Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol. Keith Haring created many public murals in many cities such as Philadelphia and New York City. He created the Keith Haring Foundation before his death.


9.1 Production, Performance and Exhibition of dance, music, theatre and visual arts

9.2 Historical and Cultural Contexts

9.4 Aesthetic Response

Goals: Create a drawing using line, inspired by Keith Haring


Discuss Keith Haring’s art, specifically his art-making methods and his use of line and shape to create a language

Demonstrate how line can be used expressively to represent emotions

Explore the expressive quality of line and the symbolic quality of shape

Requirements: Create a drawing inspired by Keith Haring that uses line in an expressive way.

Resources/Visual Aids:




Colored markers



Teacher Prep:

Have supplies ready to distribute



  • Introduction
  • Discuss work of Keith Haring
  • Explain how line can be used expressively
  • Show exemplars
  • Demonstration


  • Have students begin by drawing the outline of a person (person should be shape like, with no detail)
  • Fill inside of person with lines and shapes
  • Fill the outside of the paper with lines and shape (fill entire page to the edges)


  • Clean up
  • Discuss progress
  • Review Keith Haring

Critique/evaluation/assessment: Students can share their work if time permits.

Extension: Students will add additional lines to their drawing. (There is always room for more!)

Time budget:

Intro: 8-10 minutes

Work time: 20 minutes

Clean up: 5 minutes


Line: An element of art which refers to the continuous mark made on some surface by a moving point. Types of line include: vertical, horizontal, diagonal, straight, curved, bent, angular, thin, and thick, interrupted, blurred, controlled, hatching, or spiraling.

Shape: An element of art, it is an enclosed space defined and determined by other elements such as line, color, value, and texture.

Movement – The act or process of moving, especially change of place or position, an effort. This can either be actual motion or it can be implied – the arrangement of the parts of an image to create a sense of motion by using lines, shapes, forms, and textures that cause the eye to move over the work.

Safety Concerns: None



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