Teacher: Leigh Kermizian

Title: Romare Bearden Collage

Grade Level: 2nd

Brief History: Romare Bearden


9.1 Production, Performance and Exhibition of dance, music, theatre and visual arts

9.2 Historical and Cultural Contexts

9.4 Aesthetic Response

Goals: Students will create a collage inspired by Romare Bearden’s work.


Students will:

  • Define the word collage
  • Learn about the artist Romare Bearden
  • Create a collage inspired by Romare Bearden’s work

Requirements: Students will use scrap paper to make a foreground and background using the collage technique.

Resources/Visual Aids:

Romare Bearden Book

Posters of Romare Bearden’s collages


  • Old magazines and newspapers
  • Scrap paper
  • Construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue or glue stick
  • Fabric or fancy paper
  • Romare Bearden resources

Teacher Prep:

Have supplies ready to distribute

Sort scraps into bins


  • Discuss the meaning of the word collage
  • Read book on Romare Bearden and display his work
  • Discuss themes used in Bearden’s collage
  • Distribute art materials
  • Create collage inspired by Bearden and their own experiences (special attention should be paid to distinguishing background from foreground)
  • When students are near completion, they can have the option of adding a small amount of fabric or fancy paper


  • Students will share their work using the TAG format (tell something you like, ask a question, give positive suggestions)

Essential Questions:

Why was Romare Bearden such an important artist?

What does Bearden’s collages tell us about his life?

What are the benefits of using collage?

How can foreground and background be distinguished from each other?

General Modifications:

  • One on one assistance
  • Extra visual aids
  • Adaptive tools
  • Have shapes pre-cut
  • Use pre-cut foam stickers


Collage: A picture or design created by adhering such basically flat elements as newspaper, wallpaper, printed text and illustrations, photographs, cloth, string to a flat surface

Foreground: The area of a picture or field of vision, often at the bottom, that appears to be closest to the viewer.

Background: The part of a picture or scene that appears to be farthest away from the viewer, usually nearest the horizon.

Safety Concerns: Scissor safety

photo 1 (3)


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