Teacher: Leigh Kermizian

Title: Apple Collage

Grade Level: Pre-K


Students will:

  • Define the word collage
  • Discuss different types of apples
  • Create a collage of an apple


  • Discuss the meaning of the word collage
  • Read book on apples
  • Discuss different types of apples, colors
  • Distribute art materials
  • Create collage of an apple


  • Old magazines and newspapers
  • Scrap paper red and green
  • Construction paper pre-cut in apple shape or paper plate
  • Pre-cut shape for leaf and stem
  • Glue or glue stick

Common Core Standards:





Assessment Strategies:

  • Students will share their work using the TAG format (tell something you like, ask a question, give positive suggestions)

Essential Questions:

What are the benefits of using collage?

What color are apples?

How can we turn a plate into an apple?

General Modifications:

  • One on one assistance
  • Extra visual aids
  • Adaptive tools

Differentiation Strategies:

Use pre-cut foam stickersphoto (30)


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