New work

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Some of my recent pottery.

Graffiti Project

Every spring we are faced with a problem. Empty bulletin boards!! While getting ready for our annual art show, bulletin boards are stripped of all their beautiful artwork. Instead of leaving them empty or putting up old art work I cover them in paper and give the students paint markers! With little to no direction, this happens..


Annual self-portrait project! This year, we focused on stippling.

Self-Portrait Lesson Plan


Huichol Nierikas

For the first time, we made yarn “paintings,” based off of the Huichol’s Nierikas.


Painted Trash Cans

The Bound Brook High School Art Club decided to focus its energy this year on beautifying the school by painting all the trash cans. Members submitted their plans and then the Art Club got to work painting!

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Creativity Show for the 2016/2017 school year